Latest Way to Bypass Daily Limit on Hammer VPN

The Hammer VPN Cheat has been in use by many people lately and recall on our previous post that we introduced Bypass daily limit on Hammer and how to fix App not available on Hammer VPN with the two tricks proved to be working. 
So today i would be sharing with you how you can bypass daily limit without the use of ES explorer
  • After downloading the Hammer VPN FLO file, Make sure you move the file to your download folder or leave it if its already in the download folder.
  • Now after installing Automate APK run it and click yes or accept on all the messages. 
  • Now click the dots in the upper right of the app to import your downloaded Hammer VPN FLO file.
  • After importing the file, you should get something like the image below.

  • Click the Hammer file like the image above and tick the option below then click on start as the app simply automates the frequent date changing the like the previous post.
I hope this fix the issue with the daily usage and we would love to hear from you. Kindly leave a comment
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