How to Get 1.2gb For N150 on MTN Mpulse

The MTN Pulse which was precisely launched on the 24th of August and blocked ending last year due to some users who reported to MTN which the data was originally used to visit some sites but later in the day it turned out it could do more and more than what we thought with the help of HTTP Injector. 
The HTTP Injector app is more like a VPN which makes use of configs which we at Naijatweaks would make available for you to help users like you and I with Active Mpulse data to make use of the Mpulse, giving us the opportunity to browse different websites like the normal subscription data which the Mpulse data wouldn't allow. Mpulse is believed to be a blessing to many users and we totally agree.

Recently the MTN Mpulse data was restored to some sims and by restore I mean the normal rates have been back to their restored to their sim. hence, the rates should be 

350mb Weekly plan for N50
1.2gb Monthly plan for N150

The MTN Mpulse for some sims is as follow

100mb weekly bundle for N50
350mb 14-day bundle N150.

Some users were moved to Mpulse automatically and by that I mean they did not willingly change. So mainly, to fix this we would try to subscribe back to Pulse

So, on this post, I will be sharing with you guys how you can get back to the normal preferable rates which is the main reason you are here.


✅Get your MTN Sim and verify if you are getting the 350mb rate
✅Dial *406# and select 1 to switch to pulse with 0 subscription fee 

 ✅Now that you have moved to pulse relax and wait for 10Minutes
 ✅After waiting for 10Minutes dial *344*2# and your rates should change from the rates on the very first image to the image immediately beneath the first.



After following the steps you should get your normal rates back. Do join us on telegram with the links below to stay in touch with us. Thank you.

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