New Way to Bypass Daily Server Data Limit

Here's an approach to sidestep MTN Hammer VPN Daily Limit on any Free Server and get Unlimited Free Browsing on Android. This isn't a similar instructional exercise you saw on our previous update utilizing Es File Explorer, this is a quick technique and simple to execute. Absent much ado, how about we get started. If you do not know the cheat am talking about you can now activate yours. Click here on how to set.

We can't deny the reality that MTN Hammer VPN Cheat is the best, extremely quick and its server everyday limit is sufficient for a small amount of people as people are much on the server some.

We suspect there should be an update on the app anytime sooner. Whichever way it is we'll update you.
 This application works without numerous settings and backings and the most interesting part is that it works for all MTN Sim, controls all applications and its absolutely FREE.

So, how are we going to bypass this? Briefly We are going to prevent Hammer VPN from reading the transfer and download information on the App. When we do this, it won't bring it's session notifications and stop reading while you browse with the unlimitedly, in this way, bypassing MTN Hammer VPN Daily server data cap.

Also, do note that there is no premium server without purchase on their website

  • Your MTN 0.0kb Sim( 0.0 data and airtime)
  • Your Hammer VPN downloaded and installed
  • Android phone with 2 sims enanbled(MTN || MTN)
This method mainly depends on the sim and also note you will need a good RAM to prevent your app from force closing. If you experience lagging on your phone click here to fix without ROOT authorization.

  • Start your Hammer VPN and set it up || Yet to set up? click here.
  • Connect with your first sim (MTN Sim recommended) you can try other networks.
  • Once connected, Minimize your Hammer vpn and locate your phone settings locate SIM Cards and switch the Cellular Data sim to your other sim.
  • Do take note the starting SIM must have active data on it for the Hammer VPN to connect
  • If you actually connected with sim 1, switch to sim 2 or the other way around

  • Open Hammer VPN. You'll notice its not reading like the normal way but the main thing is that its CONNECTED 
Henceforth you will be able to browse unlimitedly without the proper server cap like before absolutely not minding the data cap. What do you think about this? do leave a comment we will like to hear from you

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