Latest MTN Free Browsing With Combo VPN 2019

Aint you tired of the config expiry and incorrect usernames that you see on configs which generally affects every users using configs. As the configs might be removed from the SSH server or by error by the make. 
On this post will be showing you guys how to configure the Combo VPN using different Host to enjoy Unlimited browsing or capped as the case might be. Also do not forget you can now get 4Gb for N1000 on MTN

 I don't specifically know the real or correct measure of data assigned to the hosts yet they are extraordinary and will most likely help you peruse till your fulfillment on an everyday schedule.

Combo VPN is like that of Anonytun VPN yet the plan and capacities make them extraordinary. The excellent green tab capacities for information perusing is completely marvelous and different from Anonytin

Also do note that This Combo VPN can connect and give you 50MB day as other hosts can offer a wider range of cap on their data which I don't have a clue about the limit for the time being, or possibly is boundless.

How to Set Up Combo VPN for Free Browsing
  • First and foremost download the Combo Vpn by clicking Here Install the App and you should have a screen just like this then click

  • Having downloaded and installed the app click STEALTH SETTING and leave your Connection protocol as TCP.
  • Now set CONNECTION PORT as 443 and toggle on "CONNECT VIA PARENT PROXY" and tap on the "EDIT PARENT PROXY" tab and and 8080 as Proxy host and Port

  • Once done, enable “CUSTOM TCP/HTTP HEADER HEADERS” and use these settings  below:

-TICK: Online host, Keep-alive and User-agent.                                                                                             -And tap on “VALIDATE“, then ” GENERATE” and finally, save it and go back to home to connect.

Other Host You can Use
You can decide to use for MTN daily 50MB data or use for MPULSE SUBSCRIPTION. You can also use which capped up to 100mb daily.
They all renew by themselves on a daily basis which is 24 hours a day. What do you think? Do leave your comment below...
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