How to Fix App not Available in your Country on Hammer VPN

There's little or no doubt about it,  hammer VPN cheat   seems to be the best thing that ever happen to Many MTN Users as this allows us to surf more than what our regular data could handle or afford. Hammer VPN provides users with free servers to use even if they do not have the premium login account.

Recently, the feedback have been getting lately focuses on users not been able to use the app as they get the pop up of app not available in your country.

So on this post, I will be showing you guys how you can fix this issue


  • Your android phone
  • Download and install market unlocker
  • Download and install hammer VPN 2.2.3
  • After downloading and installing the market unlocker, open the app and togglw on enable unlocker just like the image below.

  • After then swipe left and you will see location like options. (USA, CANADA).
  • Select CANADA. The app will load for some seconds and then you should be able to run the Hammer vpn without the error showing up. just like the image below

After following the steps above, open your hammer vpn which will open without giving you the error message.
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