Download Latest MTN 0.0kb Config

So on this post, I will be sharing the with you the latest MTN 0.0kb config just before I dive into that, the MTN Hammer VPN cheat has been blazing for a while and am sure you wouldn't want to miss that as we at has found a way to bypass the 100mb cap. you can now enjoy the cheat unlimitedly. 

We are still working on how to make premium accounts available for you to make use. Please do bear with us for the time being. i would be sharing with you the latest MTN 0.0kb with you as I feel this shouldn't sound new to you.

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Configs available: Http injector, Http Injector lite, Eproxy, Spark VPN, KPN.

Http Injector: Download Here || Link 2
Http Injector Lite: Download Here || Link 2
Eproxy: Download Here || Link 2
Spark VPN: Download Here || Link 2

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