How to Make Money On Fiverr 2019

You must have been wondering how to make money online as a freelancer, believe me you have landed on the exact page you need with all the details you need to get started and to earn which is the sole and the main important part of being a freelancer.
You must have been hearing of fiverr from folks, freelancers or computer oriented kind of people and most of them are very discrete about whats working for them but i will be sharing those secrets with you today. This post is divided to different parts to get you started on fiverr.

This post is a guild to help you learn how to make money to providing services to both individual and companies. Covering from the aspect of 
 Signing up 
 Creating your gig
✅ Professional response to clients
✅ Buyer ratings
✅ How to cash out

Also note it is highly advisable to make use of a computer during the whole procedure.

Getting started by signing up

In this aspect i will be making use of my demo account which i opened ages ago when i was yet to understand what fiverr is and how it really works. I will make sure you do not make the same mistake as me as mistake can forever affect your fiverr account, buyers and how well people view your gigs.'
wondering what gigs are? it will be treated.

✅ The very first to sign up is to open on your web browser which must be a desktop as it is not comfortable making use of your mobile phone.
After visiting

✅ You'll see join. Click and you should get this pop up just like the image above. Also,
Never log in with your facebook as you will automatically sign up using facebook. which unprofessional as keeping facebook aside from fiverr would  be much preferred. The facebook will reflect on your fiverr account.

✅ Enter your e-mail. Make sure the email you use is active and which you can reach when you receive a mail.
✅ Choose your Username. Do make use of an official name.
  Never make use of Nicknames as the buyers might find it unprofessional and might not opt for your services even if its needed.
✅ If you are out of username ideas, you can open fiverr as see other account maybe something might spark your interest

I will be making use of my old account for this post.

How to create your gig
To create your gig, head straight over to your profile at the upper right. click the image and select My profile

✅ On profile screen click on Create new gig on your profile page. which should look like the image below
 Gigs are basically services you can handle and render to buyers. Gigs are just a way of expressing or showing out what you can do for them with your price tags for different plans. if you do not understand do leave a comment and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

✅ Here you will state the kind of services you will be rendering. In my case in this profile i would be making a SEO blog content writer.
► So in the empty space youll will state what you provide but here am stating "I will be your SEO blog content creator"

✅On category make sure you select the category that matches your service

✅ On tags type in keywords in reference to service you provide so that your profile shows up when buyers are looking for services. 

After all the input 

then save and continue.

✅ On the next page is the part where you will put a price tag on your services, how long it will take to deliver and how much more the buyer needs to pay for extra delivery.

Depending on your type of account as there are different packages for different gigs. Do take some time to see guys doing the same gig as you which would help you in filling yours correctly.
Make sure you enter packages you can handle.

Gig description
This basically also gives more info about your gig. Below is a perfect example

I am Nicolas, a journalist with over 8 years experience writing for both online and print publications all over the world. From the United States to Europe, and the Far East, you can find any of my over 9000 articles printed or published for news outlets or businesses just like yours.

My goal here is not to sell you a pitch and make a one-off gain, but to help you build your dream through high-quality content that yields returns on what is invested on it. The perfect content is that which is:

Search Engine-Friendly
Engages The Audience
Calls The Reader To Action (Conversions)

I will write you HIGH QUALITY, 100% UNIQUE, PERFECTLY OPTIMIZED (Zero keyword stuffing), ZERO SPIN articles for your site or blog or business portal.  My writing can be whatever you need it to be, informative, technical, funny... but most importantly, my writing will make your reader believe in your ideas, products, or services.

If you need a perfect content that is ready to be posted with ZERO PLAGIARISM, NO GRAMMATICAL ERROR, then.

Order today! Let's get this magic started.

PS: If you need bulk or Web Content for a fresh site,  please send me a message first. Thanks

i guess now you get what the gig description is used for.

Then click on save and continue you will put requirements buyers need to meet like specifications, dimensions or background materials. depending on the type of gig mainly.

On the next page you will be asked to upload images for your gig. Here all you have to do is to upload matching your gig.

 As a writer you can search for writer images as you can check other profiles incase you do not full understand.
The image can be used for writer gigs.

After selecting your image click on publish and your gig will be published live making it possible for buyers to reach you for your services.

Response to buyers

This is one of the important aspect of working on fiverr as this determines if you will be earning from fiverr at all. This is a crucial part that many freelancers miss which later end up in the buyer leaving for another person which is definitely loss on your own side. as i will be showing you the best ways to respond to buyers which will help you in sealing the deal.

 Be timely, be fast when responding to buyer messages. Some buyers do hate when they do not get a reponse after sending messages for a while
Always thank them for contacting you as this might seem to impress them at first
Always have a sample work to showcase to your buyers apart from the ones you have on your gig. Some buyers like to see previous jobs done by that seller.
Always ask for their budget. Do not jump to conclusions
 Never insult buyers as this can lead to the buyer reporting you can you can end up getting flagged.

Buyer rating
Buyer rating is the feedback a buyer leaves after a completed job for the buyer. Getting a good rating gives your profile a good impression when other buyers lands on your profile page.

How to cash out
Cashing out is very easy but you will need to open either a payooner account or a paypal account. stay sharp on our telegram and whatsap group on updates as i will be dropping how to open both open Payoneer and Paypal. Please do leave a comment if you face any problem.
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