Official PES 2019 Download for Android

For quite a while now, Pro Evolution Soccer has kept on demonstrating that they are the main football game available, particularly with regards to ongoing interaction. Despite the fact that PES 2019 might not have the majority of the extravagant fancy odds and ends as FIFA, here are the majority of the new highlights and changes that you will discover in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

The new pes 2019 has now been released for android which can be said its one if not the best football android game known to man as the new release is better than the previous version. So on this post i will be showing you guys the new features and what you need to do if you experience lagging on your phone.

New features
✅ Brand new gameplay 
 Updated Manager list
✅ Free players immediately after start

✅Changed daily login now 100mcc per week which used to be 250

✅ Player trading now available on pes 2019 hence allowing you to switch three same players for another player. for example switch 3suarez for griezmann
✅ Updated 2019 position spin has you can now get more players unlike the pes 2018 which allows you to get just a player for position spins
✅ Updated commentary for pes 2019
✅New team management look.

Are you still yet to download the new pes 2019 click here. or click download

Also Note:
✅ You might experience a problem with the game if:

- Small RAM on your phone'
- Low internal storage on your device
- High background apps running
- High startup apps
- Terrible processor

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