How to Make Money On Zwerl

By default the question on your mind would be "What is zwerl" and how you can earn from them which would be properly treated and answered on this post.
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What is zwerl
Zwerl is basically a social networking community or you can also call it forum which gives pays users for participating on the forum. Participation in sense of asking questions, answering questions, giving advice on the type of niche that you know perfectly well about which sounds preferable and more profitable than spending the whole day on facebook or twitter without earning anything. 

The coolest part of zwerl is that it pays its users in dollars which makes inturn when converted to our currency should yield more income for you. To start earning on zwerl, you need to sign up first and setup your profile just by inserting your details.
Sign on .

  • After signing up on zwerl you should get a dashboard like the image below.

  • Click on the answer tab and start earning by contributing your ideas as this would inturn give you badges and hence increase your daily earning and price tag on each messages or contributions you make which also increases your level which makes the earning more easy and easy for you. 
To Cash Out
After earning you can cash out ending of  different months to your local banks.
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