How to use mpulse data without config

The mpulse data which has been saving many users like me and many of our members money for subscription has now gotten better and better. A new and latest improvement has been made which i will be sharing with you guys for free without collecting a dime as many users you must have been seeing around would charge you.

Are you not tired of using configs which expires and surely prompt you to get another one.
Am sure the answer is yes. So on this post we will be sharing with you guys ow you can use the mpulse data with no config which sounds absolutely cool.

So, today i would be sharing with you guys an awesome app called Samsung Max
Samsung max is a vpn app which can also be likened to opera max which allows you to surf the internet with your mpulse data. The samsung max comes with different features which are cool and can help you manage how your data is being used on your phone

-Fast speed
-Supervises your mobile and data usage
-Connects in seconds
-Mobile data savings
-Ultra app savings
-Privacy reports (Blocks apps which gather information from your phone to their server)
-Ad trackers
-Allows online gaming
-No expiry.

The samsung max is an upgrade to different popular VPNs such as Eproxy, Http Injector, Mega ssh, Spark vpn, Apk custom, Kpn and so many other vpn apps for mpulse.
The samsung max is very fast compared to the different other Vpn. The problems that have been discovered so far includes:

-Connected but not surfing
-Consumes alot of data
-Consumes alot of battery on some phones.
Am using infinix and it works well. Incase you still need config for Vpns do join us on our telegram group and stay with us for more cool updates.
All configs and Samsung Max Premium Apk available on our telegram channel

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