How to Exceed 50mb MTN 0.0 Daily Cap

▶️ Its no more a new news that the most loved cheat of all time this year which previously gives 1gig per day has now been capped to just 50mb.
Had a discussion with one of our readers and he revealed how the 50mb can be exceeded which I would be sharing with you guys today.
You might find the steps lengthy, but believe me it surely works and have been tested by me personally.
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How the cheat was 1gig/day. 
Everyone's mind set was that the cap on all Sims was based on the info or each Sims which is very wrong.
The cap was actually based on your Phone ID.
-Download the new turbo 0.0 Config Here
-Download ID changer from play store or google.
-Your original ID has been saved already so changing is no issue.

-Click on random 
Clicking random gives your phone another ID 
-Reboot your phone and reconnect. 
That's all and you'll find your previously exhausted 50mb working exactly like before. This works perfectly and your phone is totally save as you can revert back to the original ID using the ID changer.  Get more updates on telegram. 

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