New Updated Mpulse Latest Config Files

Those which has been enjoying our previous Mpulse Config File would notice it expires soon. Have updated the configs and are fit to be used for your config data.

The new config files has now been more improved as the server being used has been changed for users to get better speed.

Whats new

Updated server
Better up-time
Updated expiry (7days)

If youre encountering connection problem, kindly exit the app, turn off your data and put it on then access the app to connect again.
Try changing VPN. You have plenty other options to chew on.
If youre not getting connected, try clearing your app data or cache to fix the solution
If your question is not still answered here, see the post on frequently asked and answered questions on the cheat. See here


Updated Http injector config here
Updated Eproxy config here
Updated Mega ssh here
Updated KPN config here
Updated Spark VPN config here
Updated APK CUSTOM here
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Incase you are still facing any problem with the files, join our telegram group and drop your message and we will give you the fix.

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