New Updated Config File for Mpulse MTN

Due to the recent changes in the MTN cheat, which used to be 0.0kb has now been capped for many sims and the only left for users to enjoy is the 0.0Mpulse data which is working fine. Also, they can be tethered with pc. The files has been tested and seems to be working perfectly without no issues

  • Download your VPN (KPN etc) by clicking here
  • Import the files downloaded
  • Rename the file if required
  • Start your app and blaze the cheats.

  • For HTTP injector Users Download Here
  • For Spark VPN Users Download Here
  • For KPN Users Download Here
  • For Eproxy Users Download Here
Import the files and enjoy the files. They work fine and would expire at 14thoct. So, stay sharp on all our pages for files update. Kindly leave your comments.

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