Latest MTN cheat 1gig Capped per day latest Config file

There is a new mtn trick that has been saving lifes for a while which i would be sharing with you guys. The cheat works with 0.0k Mtn sim meaning you dont need to have anything on your sim for this cheat to work which makes it absolutely free and which works perfectly with the use of http injector which has been blazing all day. All you need is to import the config file and start the app. Have gotten a pack of http injector which has been blazing just to cut the chase for you and get you connected.
Have got a pack on config files which i will share with you to blaze the cheat.
How to load
  • Your empty mtn number 0.0k
  • Http injector app. download app here
  • Config file which you will import
  • All config files should have their extension as .ehi if not rename the file and make sure it stays as.ehi e.g Naijatweaks.ehi
  • To import just click on the document icon on the upper part of the blog and click import to import your file.
  • Click start and it should display something like this.

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