How to Fix Lagging On Your Android Phone(NO ROOT)

The most common faced by android users is the issue of lagging and which i personally hate as well which can be due to different variety of causes that basically slows down your android phone.

On this post, i will be sharing with you how two different ways you can fix the lagging on your phone hence, make your phone run very fast and am sure this is what you want.
Some people might know how to fix this already but for the sake of those that doesnt know this i will be making use of the developer options which opens up another variety of ways you can make some changes but not all to your android device.

By default, the developer option will be unavailable. Reasons might be
-Your phone is new
-You just formatted your phone
-You havent activated this before at all.

-Incase youre yet to activate the developer option. I will be showing the way to go. First and foremost
-Open settings on your phone or swipe down your notification and click  the setting icon.

-This takes you to your settings screen. Then swipe down and locate About phone
-On about phone scroll down and locate build number
-Tap on the build number repeatedly and it should show you are now a developer. No you have activated the developer option on your phone.

-Click the developer option and turn it on by clicking at the upper right of your screen.

-Locate the Hardware accelerated rendering.
-Just under the HAR you will find "Force use of GPU for 2d rendering" turn it on

-Scroll down and locate the Apps section. Here you get to decide which of the options that suits you the most. You can decide to keep no activities which will speed up your game and the app youre running on your mobile phone
you can as well decide to keep a cap on your background apps.

The second way you can fix lagging on your phone is by clearing cache files on your phone. What are your cache files? cache files are temporary apps which are created by apps on your phone. They can be accumulated also by playstore. Sometimes when download fails on your phone playstore it saves in your cache which later inturn make your phone slow

To fix this find storage in setting and clear the cache. This clears the cache hence, giving you more space on your phone and also increasing your phone speed.

Lastly, do not use app speed boosters. From experience as i have tried this apps. They basically takes space and make use of good interface to make users not to uninstall them. But really they do not actually perform the task expected.

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