Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on MTN Cheat 2018

The mtn cheat which has been saving a whole lot of users the money to be used for data hence users now enjoy free data and it has been working quite alright. The MTN Cheat works with Three different VPN apps namely HTTP Injector , Eproxy, Stark Vpn, KPN Tunnel which i guess are the ones that are generally used as at now.
from my side spark seems to be the first app discovered for the mtn cheat and later the remaining were digged up. So on this post i will be answering all the questions different users has been asking not only from our group but different groups. I hope this post answers you well and if you are still yet to be satisfied kindly leave a comment and i will get back to you as soon as possible to get your questions and answer them perfectlty 
Q1 Where do config files come from?
A. Surely they do not fall from the sky. The configs are made saving users the stress of typing in manually like the old ways cheat are being done hence you just import click start and boom your phone starts browsing.

Q2 Why are the Config files locked?

A.  The main reason why the config files are locked is simply not to enable users who import the file to mess the settings or change the settings which might result in the VPN not connecting.
A2. Another reason the config files are locked is to keep the information and configurations descrete from all.
Q3  How are the config files made

A. The config files are made with a combination of SSH and Host which can be created from different websites such as Fastssh, Sshudp, Contassh and lots more which are used with host to make the configs connect. The steps are kept discrete as to make the cheat last longer and not to get easily blocked by MTN and it has been working quite good.
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Q4 How to import my config files

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various descriptions.and telegram channel they have to contain an extension. Extensions (specifies what a file is and the type) this extension will make it impossible for your VPN apps such as Injector and the rest to locate your config file.
The only way to fix this is to locate the config file which you downloaded in your file manager and rename just like the image below.
The image directly below shows the config of a KPN tunnel app. Kpn tunnel app wont be able to locate the file as the extension is in .enc. 

To make KPN Tunnel see the file you have to rename and remove the .enc hereby leaving the the .ktr  which is the original file extension for KPN tunnel. The same works with other configs such as Http injector with .ehi Eproxy with .epro kpn tunnel with .ktr as indicated and Spark as .svc 

Q5. Why is my config not connecting 

A1. Firstly, your config might not connect if youve used up the daily 1gig on your sim as this happens mostly when i tether with pc unknowingly to you this might be the reason why your vpn is not connecting.

A2. You should also remember this configs are connected to servers. Sometimes the server can get a little congested and busy which might not allow you to connect. The best thing to do is to a wait a little while before retrying to connect again.

A3. Another reason why your VPN might not connect is the cache which can also be the reason why your VPN is not connecting. Which you can fix by going to your VPN app details and clear cache, Force stop, Better still clear settings.

Q6. How can i import configs for rooted devices with an unrooted phone?

A. The truth is you cannot import such files to your app. The best thing to do is to request for configs that are meant for non rooted phones as we at Naijatweaks will try as much as possible to make config files available for all.
Q7. Can't browse when connected to PC

A.  There are different reasons why you may not still browse when you tether with your phone. The main problem might be from your USB cable which might not be discover-able to your pc and can also happen due to mistakes while setting up your Pdanet which has been confirmed the best way to tether. You can see this link How to use your MTN 1gig daily cheat on PC  or see our Youtube video on solving the problem. This post will be updated as more questions are gathered.
Do you still have issues relating with the Cheat? kindly leave a comment below stating your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Special thanks to Harry and Precious Agbontan.

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