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PSY Gagnam Style Paradoy –Kim Jong Style

The phenomenon K-pop Gangnam Style, with South Korean pop artist PSY as the head singer has spread like wildfire around the world. There are numerous side version/parodies of the Gagnam Style video, and this time we actually got our hands of a better parody of Gagnam Style.

This Parody version refers to North Korea and their former leader Kim Jong II.

This parody has obviously no North Korean connection, and seems to rather be developed by one American humor collective.

Even though this video is a parody of North Korea, KpopMusicNews hope that North -and South Korea will reunite peacefully one day and producing even more K-pop artists .

The video has more than 700 000 views and was uploaded 21 September 2012 by barelypolitical

Oppa Kim Jong Style! Kim Jong Style! Dancing single files, make sure and smile!

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