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Full Movie – MBC Gayo Daejaejun 2012 &KBS Gayo Daejun 2012

MBC Gayo Daejaejun was successfully broadcasted in December 31, 2012, here is the full show.

Last year in December 31 it was finally MBC´s time (after KBS and SBS own versions of Gayo Daejejeon) to enlighten all K-pop viewers with a splendid end-of-the-year music show.

These end-of- the-year music show usually broadcast for four days with music celebration, price shows and God knows what.
Watch the full show of MBC Gayo Daejaejun, with surprising many K-pop artists doing great performances, with energetic behavior. For example keep an eye on SHINee and B.A.P. who are probably the two most energetic artists in this show.

K-pop video: MBC Gayo Daejaejun 2012

Reactions from K-pop viewers:

“Ok The best performances (in my opinion) has to be the ending with FT Island, Dynamic Duo, Primary, CNBLUE, Juniel and woah~~ Nice way to end the whole thing that fight was so funny xD”

Nurul Nabila Zulkifli:
SECRET make tons of mistakes during their collaboration performance with BAP.  Sunhwa looks like she doesn’t know half of the performance by heart. LOL i guess packed schedule between SBS MBC KBS Gayo Daejun makes them have less time to practice. but the mistakes are so obvious LOL.”

Sylvia Zeng:
“Oh, bless every single one of these idols, look at their breaths! I tmust have been freezing just wearing their performance clothes…”

Miza chibi:
“Pity joon and Seohyun. Both of them should have join adam and sunhee couple because both of them are on we got married program, but Yeon seo and Joon has a problem.”

I am so happy MBLAQ didn’t Dance Break to dubstep (I mean Dubsteps cool if u like it n stuff) but sometimes its overused. <3 u MBLAQ”

“I’m pretty sure most of these artists live to perform. Performing more means more time to interact with the fans and do the things they love. I suppose performing on a Gayo Daejun is an honor, since you’re being watched by millions and millions of fans, not to mention other music industry people. Also, there’s more money to be made with three festivals. Quality may be better than quantity, but this is still showbiz.”

I wish someday all 3 broadcaster would unite to hold a single mega music festival instead of three different festival..that way they can hold a longer & much more quality perf since the artist can practice earlier & they wont be too tired or burdened by having to memorize different choreographs..quality is always better than quantity.”

“I wasn’t gonna watch this (after watching kbs’s and sbs’s)…but i’m glad i did~ XD these fans are awesome…chants for every performance! they make me so happy~ haha! kbs and sbs don’t even compare to this gayo daejeon~ <333”

K-pop video: KBS Gayo Daejun 2012

Reactions from K-pop viewers:

Yonghwa & CNBLUE (my bias XD), 2am, ailee & all the ‘artists’, BEAST, Dynamic Duo, Kang Minhyukkk, Special Stage, Hyunseung (Troublemaker, well not really hyuna today…), and basically all the 2nd half are jjang!! =)”

Ok. Being a Cassie one seem olways biased BUT here can anyone seriously see no difference?  TVXQ were DAEBAK! Just before them SJ performance was so messy. And I’m not a SuJu anti, but… Donghae is not singing, Siwon at the beginning is doing something weird, and then there is someone whose breath is constantly heard. And I mention SuJu only because I know them better than the other bands. So… we can say it is out of love. But TVXQ are the kings. Hands down.”

“I can’t hear any faulty sound difficulties… When does it start?”

BoomShakalaka030303 (answering above):
“It’s not faulty sound difficulty like what you thought. but notice that since the first song, the music’s volume is smaller than the vocal, causing the vocal went too forward, therefore when they didn’t sing or went out of tune we could easily hear it. like in secret’s performance we could hear that they didn’t sing the chorus part. or in trouble maker performance where we could obviously tell that the male is the only who sings while Hyuna is not singing (or had trouble with her mic), etc.”

Jamesloveanna  (answering SummerBlooms):
“Actually it starts when miss a perform…they are the first group who performed…try to listen to their voices…you can see that there’s something wrong…”



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